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Layered Beef and Mushroom Enchilada Casserole

This enchilada casserole is a real crowd-pleaser. It delivers classic Mexican flavors but slashes saturated fat and increases fiber. Yes, it takes a bit of time to make, but the results are well worth it—especially because our recipe yields two nights’ worth of tasty dinners.

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Greek Chicken, Potatoes and Spinach Dip

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Greek Chicken, Potatoes and Spinach Dip

Bonnie Andrews

2019-11-12 01:06:34

Do you have a list of vegan menu items?

Greek Chicken, Potatoes and Spinach Dip


2019-12-19 21:16:57

Hi Bonnie, Thanks for reaching out! If you search the term "vegan" under the "Mindful Meals & Recipe" section on the site, all of our vegan recipes and meals will come up. When you visit our cafés, all the vegan options have a little green icon with the letters “VG” next to it. Hope this helps! Best, The Mindful by Sodexo Team

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