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Cauliflower & Amaranth Risotto

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Chanelle Arthurson

Wellness and Recreation Manager

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My name is Chanelle Arthurson and I am the Wellness and Recreation Manager at Keeyask Generating Project in Manitoba, Canada. I am a Fox Lake Cree Nation Member and grew up in northern Manitoba always leading an active lifestyle. I received my Bachelor of Kinesiology from The University of Manitoba in June of 2017. In April 2018, I started working at Keeyask as a Wellness and Recreation Clerk then progressed into the Wellness and Recreation Manager role in March of 2019.


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Eat well to sleep well. Studies show those with sugary diets have more disrupted sleep. #TryNewThings #Challengehttps://www.mindful.sodexo.com/challenge/try-new-things

A medley of roasted Mediterranean vegetables is drizzled with tangy tzatziki sauce, sprinkled with feta and rolled up for a perfect meal any time of the day. https://t.co/PzhtMJ5vTL

Ditch the bun! You won't even miss it with this delicious bunless burger served with potato wedges and grapes. https://t.co/V6lAIEc1iB

Ultra-creamy cauliflower and ancient grain amaranth risotto hits the spot. Enjoy it today in your café. https://t.co/zQ0O58LIZo

Overcome your fear and try something new this year. #startsmall #noexcuses #sleepwell #rewardyourself https://t.co/JxTzJLMwbi

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