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If you’re sitting right now, lose the chair! Faisal shows you how to work a squat into your daily routine.

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Chanelle Arthurson

Wellness and Recreation Manager

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My name is Chanelle Arthurson and I am the Wellness and Recreation Manager at Keeyask Generating Project in Manitoba, Canada. I am a Fox Lake Cree Nation Member and grew up in northern Manitoba always leading an active lifestyle. I received my Bachelor of Kinesiology from The University of Manitoba in June of 2017. In April 2018, I started working at Keeyask as a Wellness and Recreation Clerk then progressed into the Wellness and Recreation Manager role in March of 2019.


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Mindful Motivator Faisal Abdalla says having a Positive Mental Attitude means you can be awesome at any age and in any situation. #mindful #FaisalAbdalla #exercise #healthyliving https://t.co/kkqNeLhceI

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Treat yourself to a full day of healthy selfishness you won't regret. It's important to set aside meaningful time to truly pamper yourself. @AskDr_Rachel

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