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Healthy Eating

Spice Up Your Cooking

Want more flavor in your healthy meals? Just add spices to make cooking more delicious, more satisfying and more fun.

Mindful Kids

Get Outside and Plant a Garden

Moko the Gorilla shares steps for starting a garden and getting exercise while you dig, plant and water!

Mindful Kids

Let’s Have Fun with Vegetables

Roxy the Monkey is sharing her favorite vegetable games with you!

Mindful Kids

Fun-and-Fruity Animal Snacks

Nyra the Owl says you’ll go bananas over these super-fun snacks made with fruit.

Healthy Eating

6 Herbs and Spices to Boost Your Health

These culinary superstars not only add flavor, they offer impressive health benefits.

Healthy Eating

Get Keen on Quinoa

Don’t be afraid to cook quinoa. Here are some simple tips and recipes so you can power pack your plate.

Mindful Kids

Good Manners Make a Big Difference

Use the Mindful kids Good Manners chart to help kids track progress and reinforce Mindful Manners.

Mindful Kids

Think Positive!

Roxy will share her Think Positive cards to color and share.


Master Functional Fitness

Boost your well-being with just a few simple tweaks to your workout moves.