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Mindful Kids

Be Happy and Safe in the Water This Summer

Being outside and getting exercise is so much fun! To stay safe, follow these rules when playing in the water and sand.

Mindful Living

Summertime survival tricks

Round up your friends and family and make the most of summer.

Healthy Eating

Summer’s Bounty

For food lovers, nothing beats the peak of summer. With nourishing fresh produce easy to find, you’ll have no problem making delicious, low-calorie meals.

Mindful Living

5 Ways to Find More Joy

Embrace the “hygge” lifestyle year-round and discover more happiness.


The Summer Family Shape-Up

Family time is healthy time when you get the whole gang to put down their gadgets and get moving—together.

Mindful Kids

Water Fun: Will This Object Float or Sink?

Can you guess whether an object will float or sink? It’s always surprising to discover the answer!

Mindful Kids

Let’s Play a Fun and Exciting Game of BINGO

TJ the Turtle spends lots of time exploring outside. He’s created a BINGO game to share all his adventures.

Mindful Kids

Cooking Breakfast with Your Family

Hungry for a big stack of pancakes? Love applesauce? Ready to eat something that’s super good and super easy to make? Let’s head to the kitchen, roll up our sleeves and have fun cooking a healthy breakfast!