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Mind and Spirit

6 Ways to De-Stress in Class

Tame tension when you're in class with these simple stress relief tips.

Mindful Living

Declutter Your Tech Life

There’s no time like the present to toss tired apps, clean up your photo storage and tackle old emails.

Mindful Eating

Eat for Afternoon Energy

How to beat the postlunch slump.

Mindful Living

Five Ways to Wake Up Without Coffee

Skip the caffeine and try one of these energy-boosters to get your day started.

Mindful Eating

Hydration Q&A

Hydration Know-How from Sodexo Dietitian Kate Giere, RDN, LDN

Mindful Eating

Eat Your Fluids

Sodexo dietitian, Christina Wang, MS, RDN, LDN, CNSC, shares her guide to foods that can keep you hydrated.

Mindful Living

Say Goodbye to Sit-Ups

Try these five standing exercises for stronger abs.

Mindful Living

Sit Less at Work

Five simple ways to stand up more during your workday.