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Healthy Eating

1,500 Calories of High-Powered Energy Food

Eating the right food throughout the day can rev up your battery.

Healthy Eating

Going with the Grains

Looking to expand your whole grain options beyond brown rice? Think old. These ancient grains—some first cultivated millennia ago—have lots to offer to your taste buds and your health.

Mind and Spirit

The Power of Taking a Break

Here are six easy ways to find peace during the day.


Hearty Southwestern Grain Soup Recipe

Quinoa, vegetable stock, beef burger, black beans, corn, roasted garlic basil pesto and lime juice

Mindful Kids

Winter Fun Word Search

Help Nyra find a few of her favorite words.

Mindful Kids

Kids Coloring Page

Roxy wants to share her snowflake coloring page.

Mindful Kids

Winter Scavenger Hunt

TJ loves adventure. Help him find his favorite things.