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I’m Roxy the Monkey. I like screen time just like you, but I know it’s important to head outside and be active. I learned many of these games from my family, teachers and friends, and we have lots of laughs when we’re playing. What’s your favorite game to play outside?

Your friend,

Roxy the Monkey

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Outdoor Games Coloring Page

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Outdoor Games Coloring Page


2023-01-30 18:43:22

Is there a PDF option for this coloring page? I'd like to link it for our CARES Lifters. Thanks!

Outdoor Games Coloring Page


2023-02-01 19:50:02

Hi Gina, Yes, there is! Please click the "Download PDF" button below the article, and thanks for reaching out! - The Mindful by Sodexo Team

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