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    Snack Cabinet Makeover

    Clear jars of canned vegetables in a pantry

    We all need grab-and-go food to keep hunger at bay between meals. If you usually turn to packaged staples, try these healthy snack ideas to get satisfied.

    We all need grab-and-go food when schedules get busy or a satisfying snack between meals. If you usually turn to packaged staples to keep your pantry (and stomach) full, try these healthy snack ideas that generally pack fewer additives and more nutrition while delivering fresh, bold flavors.


    If you find yourself reaching for chips or salty, crunchy snacks, take a stab at making your own. Try kale leaves or thinly sliced beets or sweet potatoes (ideally using a mandolin) dusted with olive oil and salt and roasted until crispy. Play around with flavors such as rosemary beet chips or balsamic kale chips. They’ll store for at least a few days in an airtight container—if you don’t eat them all before then!


    Packaged foods tend to be loaded with sodium, often as a preserving agent as well as for flavor. You can still get that salty satisfaction by making your own snacks, but with less sodium than most packaged foods. Whether you’re making chips or your own roasted nuts, play around with different finishing salts. These could be pink salts, smoked salts or fleur de sel. Try smoked salt and rosemary over roasted almonds, for example. You’ll find that these salts all provide different flavors, with just a little going a long way.


    If your afternoon or evening snack cravings lean toward the sweet side, make your own so that you can control the portion and sugar content while boosting the nutritional value. Need some healthy snack ideas? Try these quinoa chocolate chip cookies or these oatmeal cookies packed with banana and zucchini. Look for sweetness that also has fiber, such as dried fruit or coconut flakes, and whole grains for texture, flavor and even more fiber. If your sweet tooth prefers candy, try dried fruit such as mango or pineapple.

    Breakfast first snack ideas.

    A lot of breakfast foods are just dessert in different packaging. Whether you rely on smoothies, breakfast bars, coffee or some combination thereof to start your day, make sure you’re fueling yourself for success. Try making your own, like these zucchini oat muffins, or look for store-bought options that have whole grains, limited sugar, healthy fats, fiber and protein.

    Binge-worthy healthly snack ideas.

    When your evening calls for curling up with your favorite show, move away from packaged popcorns, candy and snacks. These are often heavily processed and high in sodium. Instead, roast crunchy chickpeas or edamame, then dust them with a spice mixture to keep you coming back for more. Or try your own popcorn trio: split plain popcorn into thirds and toss the first with a light covering of white powdered cheddar (King Arthur Flour is one available brand), the second with almond or peanut butter and maple syrup instead of corn syrup for a nut-based “caramel corn,” and the last drizzled with your favorite extra-virgin olive oil and finishing salt.

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    Snack Cabinet Makeover

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