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    Follow Their Lead to Beat the Blahs

    Find out how some of Mindful's Facebook fans power through their day.

    You’re not alone if you’ve ever found yourself feeling groggy or unmotivated after lunch. Research has shown that the most common time for an energy slump is 2:16 p.m. And it makes sense that your energy levels dip around that time: Your midday cortisol peak is wearing off, the caffeine boost from your morning coffee has faded, and your brain has been going nonstop since you left the house. But you can beat the blahs with these simple, effective tips from real people who—just like you—need a little midday boost.

    • “I take a short break to move, indoors or outdoors, followed by a big glass of water. I get that ten minutes back in increased productivity and then some.” —Dave W.

    • “I always get up for a five minute walk.” —Allison R.

    • “Iced water with lemon and some almonds.” —Grant G.

    • “I’ll do a ‘Mindful Mile’ around the building.” —Cheri G.‬‬‬‬‬

    How do you fight afternoon fatigue?

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