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    Can Your Burger Be Tasty and Mindful?

    Meet “The Natural,” Mindful’s delicious new burger with a lighter footprint.

    If your mouth starts to water when you smell a great burger, do you wonder how it fits into your healthy lifestyle? If you like delicious, healthy food that feels indulgent, it’s time for you to try “The Natural” burger from Mindful. With food and recipes that are simple and honest in preparation, Mindful balances nutrition with enticing flavors so you can truly enjoy eating healthy.

    “The Natural” is a juicy, meaty hamburger that’s 100% free of added antibiotics and hormones. This delectable burger means you don’t have to give up great taste for a clean-eating experience. With a 75/25 beef-and-mushroom blend that is big on flavor, this burger is lower in calories, sodium, and cholesterol than a traditional beef burger and is kinder to the environment because of its reduced carbon footprint.

    “The Natural” hamburger is featured in each of Mindful’s burger combinations because it’s minimally processed without any artificial ingredients. By adding flavor-enhancing mushrooms to the beef, we’ve boosted the juiciness of the hamburger and added important nutrients like vitamin D, potassium, and B vitamins.

    With fewer calories, reduced grams of saturated fat, and less sodium, we’ve created a Mindful burger that’s both yummy and better for you. “Some people struggle to eat well because they have an “all or nothing” mindset,” says Kate Giere, RD, LDN, Regional Wellness Director of Sodexo Corporate Services. “‘The Natural’ burger is an example of the essential middle ground—something that tastes great and satisfies a burger craving, but also promotes greener food practices and doesn’t leave you worrying about antibiotics or hormones in your food.”

    If you’ve ever reached for a thick, juicy hamburger but hesitated because of concerns over added antibiotics and hormones, you’ll discover that “The Natural” brings a new level of healthy—and meaty—satisfaction to your beloved burger. That’s what Mindful eating is all about—delicious food that’s good for you!

    Stop by your Sodexo café and look for “The Natural” hamburger in Mindful menu favorites like the Aztec Burger, Greek Burger, and San Antonio Burger.

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