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    Mindful Sodexo



    The latest research shows that every minute of exercise counts. Today, all you have to do are two-minute bouts of activity (easy, right?) 15 times throughout the day. Last part may sound a bit tougher, but here’s how you can do it.

    • Set a timer to go off every 60 minutes throughout the day. When it does, move for two minutes.
    • Pick a cue (or two) to remind you to move. Every time your phone rings or you get a text. Every time you check email. Every time you go to the bathroom or get up from your desk.
    • Portion it out. Aim to do five bouts in the morning, five in the afternoon, and five in the evening.

    Keep a tally in your phone, on your computer, on paper, or be creative like putting 15 beads in one jar and moving them to another jar as you complete bouts.

    Activities to try:
    • Climb stairs
    • March in place
    • Jump rope
    • Step side to side
    • Knee lifts
    • Hamstring curls (bend one knee, bringing your foot up like you’re kicking your buttocks, and keep alternating legs)
    • Jog in place
    • Jumping jacks


    If you have a little extra time to exercise, then you don’t have to do as many bouts throughout the day. So today, look for five-minute slots to fit in activity and do that six times to hit your 30-minute exercise goal. Here are ideas for how to fit them in:

    • Do two bouts each in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
    • Bookend your meals with some activity, just keep the post-meal session gentle especially if you had a heavy meal.
    Activities to try:
    • Jog down the street for 2½ minutes and then jog back. Just slip on your sneakers and go!
    • Walk around the block.
    • Stretch, here are some to get your started.
    • Pick up a hula hoop to work your core.


    It used to be that you had to do at least 10 minutes of exercise for it to count toward the recommended 150 minutes a week. Not anymore—shorter bouts as you’ve seen also count based on the latest research—but it’s still an effective way to get your workouts in. Simply get up and move three times today for 10 minutes each time. Here are some ways to try it.

    • Do a morning, noon, and night session.
    • Link your workouts to your meals: stretch before breakfast, take a walk before lunch, and lift some weights before dinner.
    Activities to try:
    • Put on your favorite music and dance.
    • Walk the dog.
    • Strength train, here are two 10-minute routines, one with dumbbells and one without any equipment.


    You’re up to two, 15-minute sessions today.

    • Do AM and PM workout. Set your alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier for your morning session and skip 15-minutes of couch time in the evening.
    • Time them for energy boosts to power you through the day—one at lunchtime to beat the mid-afternoon slump and one after work to give you a boost for the evening.
    Activities to try:
    • Hop on a stationary bike or treadmill and crank out intervals. After warming up for five minutes, go fast for 30 and then slower for 30 seconds to recover. Repeat.
    • Shoot hoops.
    • Put on your favorite tunes and dance.


    You’ve worked your way up to 30 minutes. Only one workout today. The best time of the day to exercise is the time that you’re most likely to stick with it. For many, that’s in the morning before other responsibilities may distract you. But if you’re not a morning person, schedule your workout any time that works for you.

    Activities to try:
    • Take a walk.
    • Go for a run.
    • Ride your bike.
    • Do yoga
    • Try a 30-minute online workout.

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