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Whip Up a Better Smoothie

Use our mix-and-match options for a satisfying, healthy treat that’s anything but boring.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with a strawberry-banana or mixed-berry smoothie—two classics that have reached Hall of Smoothie Fame status. But admit it: Those combos are a bit ho-hum. On a hunt for flavors that would shake up our taste buds, we set out to find some new ingredients to toss into our blenders. We knew we needed to hit on the nutrition trio of fiber, protein, and vitamins so that we’d wind up with a treat that would fill us up and reboot our energy—but from there we simply let our flavor cravings be our guide. Take your pick from our top choices, and whir away.

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Coffee/Tea Break Challenge

Feel the fire! This wall sit challenge from Faisal focuses on working your lower body. Invite a colleague to try this strength-building, quad-burning exercise with you—whoever “breaks” first brings the coffee/tea!

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Greek Yogurt Parfait Layered with Chopped Figs & Pecans

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