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Create an Awesome Outdoor Space

backyard garden

Max out your backyard with just a little imagination.

As you work and play at home more than ever before, look for creative opportunities to spruce up your backyard. With a little inspo and handiwork, you can expand your living area and create space for new activities. Whether you watch a movie under the stars, explore your green thumb or reimagine your view, make your at-home hangout a lot more fun for the whole family.

Chalk It Up

A can of chalkboard paint and thick sidewalk chalk transform a garage or shed wall into an instant gallery for budding artists. Just dream and draw!

Think Inside the Box

Looking for a cozy spot where you can catch a few rays? If you have a small yard or neighbors close by, adding privacy screens, trellises, gates and landscaping helps you create a charming, private retreat space right outside the door.

Puppy Playground

An at-home dog park is a paws-itively perfect way to get your pooch outside. Using found and upcycled materials, create stations where your favorite pet can walk the plank, jump in a splash pool and dig in a sandbox. 

Moonlight Movie Night

An outdoor movie setup entertains the whole neighborhood. With a little tech knowledge, you can bring the excitement of a drive-in theater—complete with a DIY snack bar—to your backyard.

Life in Color

A blaze of color infuses energy into your surroundings. Potted flowers and bright containers can liven up a typical green gardenscape. Choose patio accessories with the same upbeat vibe!

Glamping Out

Pitch a tent, bring over the patio table and light the firepit for a weekend of cookouts and camping right in the backyard. Plan for campsite fun with outdoor cooking and s’mores, but sneak inside for modern conveniences like the fridge! 

All the Yard’s a Stage

Whether impromptu or planned, performances on the deck bring lively sounds to your backyard, providing the perfect outdoor venue for talented friends and family.

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What Does Being Healthy Really Mean?

Janvelle Sutton

2021-07-07 12:48:08

I really enjoyed this post. My family and I are forever trying to improve our outdoor living space. This was just a delightful read! Thank you for sharing.

What Does Being Healthy Really Mean?


2021-07-21 15:22:49

Hi Janvelle, We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed this article. We hope you are getting lots of use out of your outdoor space this summer :) -The Mindful by Sodexo Team

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