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    Bring Your Workout to the Beach

    Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean taking a break from exercise.

    Taking a break from work or school? Go ahead, you deserve it! But hitting the beach doesn’t have to mean putting your fitness on hold. In fact, your vacation is the perfect opportunity to be even more active. First, you have more time—and the No. 1 reason for missing a workout is a busy schedule. A workout can also help balance out some of your vacation indulgences (like an ice cream cone on the boardwalk). Most of all, being active on vacation will help you stay consistent with your at-home habits.


    We asked New York City- and St. Croix-based certified personal trainer Amy Roberts, CPT, for a beach workout you can do in just 30 minutes—no equipment required. “The sand makes every exercise a little harder—and therefore more effective,” says Roberts. The best part? You can cool off in the ocean when you’re done.


    WARM-UP (4 minutes):

    Do each move in this set for 30 seconds. Repeat the set once.

    • Jog in place
    • Jumping jacks
    • Stationary skips
    • Skaters

    For skaters: Jump side-to-side from one foot to the other, allowing the free foot to come behind the landing foot, tapping the toe on the ground.


    WORKOUT (20 minutes):

    Do each set of moves three times. You can rest for up to one minute between the sets, if needed.

      Set 1

    • 30 air squats

    From standing position, sit as far back as you can, as though you’re sitting in a chair. Hold arms in front of you for balance.

    • 30 mountain climbers

    From straight-arm plank position, bring knees up toward chest one at a time as quickly as you can (as if you’re running in place). Two knees count as one rep.

      Set 2

    • 15 alternating reverse lunges

    From standing position, step one foot back, then bend both knees into a lunge. Bring back leg forward to standing. Repeat with opposite leg. That equals one rep.

    • 10 inchworms

    Bend at waist, place hands on ground, shoulder-width apart. Walk out to plank position, hold for one second, then walk hands back and stand up.

    • 15 standing bicycle crunches

    From standing position, bring arms behind head. Raise one knee toward chest and twist to bring opposite elbow to touch. Repeat on opposite side.

    • 15 plank-to-side-planks

    From straight-arm plank position, rotate to one side so you’re holding your body weight on one arm. Bring both hands down to plank, then rotate to opposite side. You can modify by dropping to the knee closest to the ground for the side planks.


    COOLDOWN (5 minutes)

    Do each move for 30 seconds.

    • High lunges

    From standing position, step forward into a lunge. Press hips forward and keep back leg straight, then raise arms overhead and hold for 30 seconds. Bring legs together, then repeat on opposite side.

    • Cross-legged forward fold

    From standing position, cross right foot over left, then hinge forward at waist, bringing head toward knees. Fold for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat.

    • Chest opener

    From standing position, clasp hands behind back, pressing shoulders down and back, sending hands down toward the ground.

    • Straddle fold with chest opener

    Clasp hands as above, then step feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly hinge at waist until chest is parallel to the ground and arms are back behind you.

    • Quad stretch

    From standing position, bend one leg up behind you and grab the top of the foot, lifting it toward your butt. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat on opposite side.

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