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Healthy Eating

Dining Hall Hacks

You know there are tons of options in your dining hall. But what if nothing’s catching your eye? Do you miss cooking for yourself? Don’t despair – just look around an all-you-care-to-eat environment - there are tons of ingredients to spark your culinary creativity.

Mindful Eating

Superfood Spotlight: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are delicious and nutritious. Enjoy them all season long with these easy recipes.

Mindful Eating

Brain-Boosting Snacks

Need some help powering through your afternoon? Reach for these six satisfying brain foods.


Grilled Pesto Salmon with Quinoa and Veggies

Quinoa topped with grilled salmon bbq pesto drizzled with Tabasco cilantro lime yogurt served with broccoli and carrots

Yield: 1 Plate (serving)