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    Mindful Sodexo


    It’s no secret that veggies trump meat when it comes to eating for better health. But, man, is it tough to say “No, thanks” to a juicy steak or a mouthwatering slice of roast chicken. So don’t!

    More nutrition and health experts are encouraging Americans to dip their toes into a “flexitarian” diet. This eating plan recommends that about half (or more) of your meals each week be built around vegetables and plant-based proteins. “Since you’re eating more vegetables and whole grains, you’re getting more fiber, which is something lacking in the standard American diet,” says registered dietitian Lindsey Pine, owner of TastyBalance Nutrition in Los Angeles.

    There are plenty of reasons to jump on board the flexitarian train. You’ll lower your risk of hypertension, improve your cholesterol levels, and gain greater protection against cancer and type-2 diabetes. And then there’s the all-important weight factor: Studies show that people who eat a plant-based diet weigh less than meat eaters.

    Ready to give it a try? We’ve got you covered with a simple four-week plan that will have you happily saying, “More vegetables, please.”

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