• The Summer Family Shape-Up

    Family time is healthy time when you get the whole gang to put down their gadgets and get moving—together.

  • Good posture

    These simple moves can fine-tune your posture and make your whole body feel better.

  • Master Functional Fitness

    Boost your well-being with just a few simple tweaks to your workout moves.


Box It Out

Women are stepping into the boxing ring for a fun and effective workout.

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Say Goodbye to Sit-Ups

Try these five standing exercises for stronger abs.

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Sit Less at Work

Five simple ways to stand up more during your workday.

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Looking for a workout that will torch serious calories in a short amount of time? Check out high-intensity interval training—a fitness trend that lives up to the hype.

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Best Stretches for Runners

Five easy stretches you should do before and after your run.

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Standing at Work All Day?

If your job requires you to be on your feet, these easy tips can help reduce the stress on your body.

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Your Body on Walking

How walking improves your health from head to toe.

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Bring Your Workout to the Beach

Going on vacation doesn’t have to mean taking a break from exercise. This expert-developed plan is fast, fun and perfect for a beach getaway.

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Walking Really Works!

You probably don’t give a second thought to how much you walk. After all, it’s something you do every day. But taking some extra steps can boost your health in surprising ways.