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The Summer Family Shape-Up

Family time is healthy time when you get the whole gang to put down their gadgets and get moving—together.

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Easy Ways to Grow Herbs and Vegetables in Containers

Fresh-picked EVERYTHING just tastes better! Give container gardening a try, and harvest delicious herbs and vegetables all summer long.

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Good posture

These simple moves can fine-tune your posture and make your whole body feel better.


Master Functional Fitness

Boost your well-being with just a few simple tweaks to your workout moves.

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Reboot Your New Year

Reboot your new year to stay healthy and get your goals back on track

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The Power of Taking a Break

Here are six easy ways to find peace during the day.


All-Day Guide to Healthy Habits for College Students

From the freshman 15 to late nights in the library (and even later nights on the weekend), staying healthy on campus can be challenging. But these tips can help college students feel healthier and happier all day.

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Friday Night Family Fun & Fitness

Start your weekend on a healthier note. Here are four fun ways to bond with your family and instill good habits in your kids.

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Take a Wellness Vacation

From fitness boot camps to mind-body retreats, health-focused trips are the hottest ticket to book.