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    Going with the Grains

    7 ancient grains you need to try.

    Looking to expand your whole grain options beyond brown rice? Think old. These ancient grains – some first cultivated millennia ago – have lots to offer your taste buds and your health. Many of these are inexpensive, easy to cook and are used in a lot of great Mindful dishes!

    The Aztecs revered this hardy plant, which is high in protein and calcium. It has crunch, and a mild nutty taste, so using it as a crisp coating for baked chicken or fish is a tasty option.  It’s the star in Mindful’s Cauliflower and Amaranth Risotto (insert link when we have it).

    Freekeh sounds freaky, but it’s really just wheat that’s harvested while still green. It’s got a nice nutty flavor that you’ll love in Ellie Krieger’s Freekeh and Raspberry Salad.

    Quinoa’s becoming a kitchen mainstay, because it’s versatile, quick-cooking and gluten-free. Try it as a side, in soups and salads.

    A staple in Africa for hundreds of years, sorghum’s edible outer hull retains more nutrients than grains that must be hulled. Sorghum flour has a sweet taste that’s just right for gluten-free baking.

    High in magnesium, which is important for muscle repair and nerve function, millet has a mild corn-like taste.  It can be turned into a crunchy snack by popping it in a dry frying pan.

    A well-known ancient grain from the Mesopotamia region, farro is savory, with lots of fiber, protein and minerals.

    For centuries, this tiny grain from Ethiopia has been used to make traditional injera bread. It also lends itself to hearty breakfast bowls because it’s high in calcium.

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    Going with the Grains

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