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    Mindful Sodexo



    Why Mindful?

    Sodexo is committed to creating healthy environments for our guests. Central to this effort is providing balanced and nutritious food options. We’ve listened to our guests. We’ve researched marketplace trends. Our executive chefs and registered dietitians worked together to create an exciting collection of recipes. The result is Mindful by Sodexo – an approach that focuses on transparency of ingredients, delicious food, satisfying portions and clarity in message so that making Mindful choices becomes second nature. While designed for use in our restaurants and cafes, Mindful is an approach that you can easily adopt at home with your family.

    You want simplicity in making healthy choices?

    Mindful delivers. We want to establish an honest and authentic experience for you so you start to understand what ingredients used in our dishes lead to healthier choices.

    Additional features of Mindful:

    • Sound nutritional philosophy and guidelines
    • Based on latest science and leading health organization recommendations
    • Teachable moments with education that ties to the food
    • Focus on taste and satisfaction – what we like to call balanced indulgence

    Nutrition Criteria

    Satisfying portions with fewer calories and great taste…that’s Mindful.
    Our chefs and dietitians worked together to create Mindful choices that meet the nutritional information listed below. Use our Mindful criteria to help plan meals, desserts and snacks for your family.