Win Free Lunch
for a Year!

We want you to create the next Mindful soup! We’re thrilled to partner with the soup experts at Campbell for this exciting new challenge. All you need to do is pick the most delicious combination of ingredients and garnishes that you can dream up, then tell us why you want us to make it Mindful. Everyone will have a chance to vote on the finalists. The winner will see their soup featured in Sodexo cafés and get a whole year of free lunch!

Don’t worry about making your creation healthy—that’s our job. Just dream up whatever your taste buds desire.

We’re up to the challenge. Are you?

What Is Mindful?
What Is Mindful?

Mindful by Sodexo focuses on delicious food, transparency about ingredients and satisfying portions so that making healthy choices becomes second nature. We put flavor first, which means Mindful chefs and dietitians work together to create tasty dishes that you’ll love and that meet our nutritional criteria. Choosing Mindful means never having to decide between great taste and good health.