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Mindful can help you live a healthy, balanced life.

Mindful can help you live a healthy, balanced life. Whatever you need – whether it’s a recipe for delicious healthy meals, advice on a topic, or inspiration to get started and stay motivated, Mindful is here for you.


We promise you that each and every Mindful dish, whether it’s served in our cafés or posted as a recipe, is incredibly delicious and immensely satisfying.  When you think about the stereotypical healthy meal, you might think boring, low flavor and no excitement.  As we say at Mindful, “Full Plates, Full Flavor.”  Eating healthfully is a lifetime activity, and we want you to enjoy every minute of it.

That’s what makes Mindful different –our commitment to introducing delicious, healthy recipes that you can trust. We use consumer insights and keep an eye on food trends, so we know what types of dishes people want to eat. With that knowledge, our professional chefs create every dish, which are then analyzed by our dietitians and nutritionally validated by our team of experts. Your trust in us and our dishes means the world, and we make sure we earn it.

Mindful teaches you not only about healthy eating, but also healthy cooking.  Websites and social media are flooded with the benefits of certain types of foods, or they tell you to eat this, not that – but you’re left hanging without any idea on how to make that information part of your daily life.  Mindful ties it all together, with education on ingredients, with suggestions on how to prepare them. Plus, our recipe library has hundreds of dishes you can make for breakfast, sandwiches and wraps, simple dinners and complete entrées. You never have to wonder if dinner is healthy, or if you and your family will love it.

We believe in being absolutely transparent about our recipes, telling you every ingredient that’s in each dish, with complete nutritional information on calories, fat, sodium and more. Mindful set specific criteria to make sure every dish is healthy. For example, every full plate dinner is below 600 calories with less than 15 grams of fat.  You can read Mindful’s complete criteria here. No matter what you choose, you know that it’s not only going to be good for you, but it’s also going to taste GREAT!


Mindful is about more than just food. We’ll help you get active and stay active. We work with fitness professionals to create exercises and routines that can be performed and enjoyed by both beginners and enthusiasts. We understand that everyone has a different fitness level, so we make sure everyone’s included. There’s no right or wrong way to start, and we think it’s most important to motivate you to take that first step toward health, and make you feel so good that it becomes a lifetime journey.

Our 30-day challenges are incredibly popular, as they introduce you to new activities, from walking to pushups to treadmills, so there’s sure to be something to catch your interest. Every challenge is set up to start slow and ramp up over the 30 days. Search for challenges on the website and give one a try – you’re likely to find a new fitness favorite!


There are three parts to caring for yourself: eating well, being active, and taking time for mental health. Mindful coaches you on how to find balance, helping you with stress and giving tips on how to reduce it. We understand that you have pressures from family, work and social requirements, and we’ve reached out to experts for advice on how to cope, and even how to reduce the demands on your time.  Because Mindful followers tell us that the 30-day fitness challenges work so well, we’ve created a number of them to help you get more sleep, reduce reliance on digital devices, and help you have a more positive outlook on life.

Perhaps most important of all, every recipe, tip, bit of advice and nugget of knowledge is delivered to you in a friendly way. We want you to think of Mindful as your BFF when it comes to your health. We’ll never guilt or shame you about what you should be doing. We will only stand beside you, encourage you and help you be your best you.

It’s all Mindful. All for you.

Enjoy health.

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