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Faisal Abdalla, Mr. PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), is excited to help you discover the best version of yourself.

MEET OUR Mindful Motivator

The Power of Believing in You

Like many of you, my career path has never been straight or in one direction. I’ve been a ball boy at Wimbledon, sold TVs, suited up for an office job, dabbled in pantomime (true story), even tried to make it in Hollywood. The one constant has been an interest in healthy living.

In fact, it was between takes on film sets that I started hanging out with stunt teams to see if I had the right stuff to match their moves. Most of the time I couldn’t keep up, but those stunt actors helped me see that I had it in me to really push my physical limits. I’d found my passion.

The transformation wasn’t instant—far from it. It took me months to find the right workouts and realize that if I wanted to see real changes in my body I’d have to make some big changes to what I was eating. But most of all it took me a while to realize that I needed to change my mind-set. That’s how I came up with my PMA mantra.

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