Exercise almost effortlessly

150 minutes. That’s all the exercise you need a week to stay healthy. But why is it so hard to find the time to stay active?

10 minutes, 10 mindful moments

Most people think they have to exercise 30 minutes at a time. However, that’s not necessary. You can break your activity into as little as 10-minute bursts and still get the same benefits, just make sure to keep your effort at a moderate or vigorous level.

10-minute activities
Staying healthy requires regular exercise. Just 150 minutes a week for most adults will do the trick. But despite what you may be thinking – those minutes don’t have to happen in the gym (though a fitness center provides a great way to focus on getting that time in).

What you can do in 10 minutes:

Calories burned with…

  • Gardening 45 calories
  • Walk your dog 37 calories
  • Walk briskly 43 calories
  • Lift weights 34 calories
  • Yoga 28 calories
  • Play basketball 91 calories
  • Fishing 34 calories
  • Rake leaves 45 calories
  • Swim laps 79 calories
  • Hiking 83 calories
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