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The 30-day push-up challenge – anyone can do!

Even if you can’t do a single ‘real’ push-up, don’t worry! By next month, you could be doing 50 and look more toned than ever.

Push-ups are the perfect exercise when you have little time. With this back-to-basics move, you get a near total-body workout in less than 10 minutes. Push-ups target your chest, shoulders, and arms, while also working your back, abs, glutes, and legs. Along with toned arms and shoulders, you’ll build stronger bones in your upper body because push-ups are a weight-bearing exercise. And doing reps of ‘real’ (on-your-toes) push-ups can boost your confidence as well!

Let’s get started! Unlike many other push-up challenges, this one involves more than just push-ups to avoid injuries and muscle imbalances. You’ll start with prep moves to strengthen key muscles. Then, you’ll add push-ups, performing them on a staircase so you can easily adjust the level of difficulty and gradually work towards doing full push-ups on the floor. You’ll also do complementary moves to train opposing muscles groups for a complete strength-training plan. In just 30 days, you’ll be firmer and stronger – and able to do ‘real’ push-ups.


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