Mindful Sodexo


We invite you to join this seven-day challenge to add more mindfulness to your life, for two reasons: less stress and more balance.

Being mindful does not just mean making healthier food choices. Mindfulness – the practice of being more present in your everyday life – has various health benefits, including lowering stress, improving sleep and boosting brainpower.

Fortunately, mindfulness does not take heaps of time or an extensive training program. By simply integrating it into your daily activities, you can enjoy the benefits quickly. “The great part of mindfulness practices is that they’re inherently very simple, but the tricky thing is making them part of your life on a regular basis,” says American Tiffany Cruikshank, meditation expert and author of Meditate Your Weight. “With consistency, though, the real benefits start to accrue.”

This easy plan, developed by Cruikshank, will help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine in just one week. Each day builds on the other, meaning that you will start with Day 1 and keep adding a new mindful exercise every day. By the end of the week, you will have a range of seven mindfulness exercises at your disposal.


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