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Meet the Winner: Julia H.

The For the Love of Fruit Pizzetta delivers key nutrients in an indulgent and sweet fashion.

As a college student trying to stretch her dollars, 19-year-old Julia H. puts fresh fruit in the splurge column of her budget. Desserts? Yep, they’re also reserved for special occasions. “I absolutely love fruits, and I know they’re important for the sake of my health,” says Julia, who is majoring in both environmental sciences and equestrian studies at the University of Findlay in Ohio. “Unfortunately, because fresh fruit is so expensive, that usually means I have to kick it off my menu.”

When Julia spotted the Make It Mindful Challenge on her dining hall’s Facebook page, she “thought it would be cool” to create a recipe that would wind up being served on campus. “I won’t lie,” she adds, “the money prize was a motivator too!”

As Julia began browsing through the ingredient options, she first gravitated toward the expected: tomato sauce, cheese and so on. “But,” she says, “when the dessert options appeared, I thought, Oh, let’s do that.” Pineapples and strawberries sounded like a good combo to her. For the base, she picked Greek yogurt. Walnuts were added for crunch. And the finishing touch? A drizzle of honey.

“I must have been craving a summer dessert when I chose everything,” says Julia. “Most of all, I was going for toppings that I’d really love to be able to eat more of. You know, more mindful.”

Learn more about Julia’s winning pizzetta here.

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Meet the Winner: Julia H.

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