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Her Hearty Southwestern Grain Soup is loaded with bold flavors—and some kick!

The saying “Go big or go home” perfectly suits Tina and her approach to life—and to food. Tina fills her days with quality family time that includes cooking healthy meals with her 7-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son, taking nightly walks and attending church. On weekends, look for Tina riding her spunky cruiser motorcycle along the winding roads leading away from her home in Louisville, Kentucky.

“I love life!” says Tina. The medical records auditor for Humana also loves delicious, healthy food. “Through work, I’ve taken part in different health programs, and I’ve learned so much about enjoying healthy eating,” she says.

“In my café, there are always new things for me to try, and if I really like something, I’ll go home and try to make it for my family,” she says. “I’m finding that healthy foods are good as long as you season them with herbs and spices.”

Which brings us to Tina’s Make It Mindful soup entry. She built her Hearty Southwestern Grain Soup around seasoned black beans and corn—the basis for her own recipe for a salsa that she says she puts on “everything”—and quinoa, a slightly nutty-tasting, protein-packed grain that’s recently become a staple in her kitchen. She chose the savory Mindful Beef Mushroom Burger, grilled mushrooms and red pepper flakes to give the stock-based soup a one-two punch of spicy goodness. Before it’s served, she added a generous dollop of Mindful’s Roasted Garlic Basil Pesto on top and a splash of lime juice so each spoonful is a perfect balance of flavors.

“When you have the right attitude about healthy eating, it’s easy to look forward to the next meal,” says Tina.

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Meet Tina

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