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Introduction to Sloane Elizabeth

Three tips for elevating your mindfulness practice.

Being “mindful” is very trendy right now. There’s mindful breathing, mindful movement, mindful living…but how can you actually apply mindfulness to your life in a sustainable way that will allow you to live life with more ease, freedom and joy? I’m Sloane Elizabeth, and I’m here to give you three small but mighty tips for elevating your mindfulness practice!

As a holistic wellness coach, published author, speaker and yoga teacher, you could say that my schedule is…full! Without the mindfulness strategies that I implement daily, I would likely feel extremely burnt out, sick and unmotivated. Maybe you’ve experienced those same feelings when you’ve been “go, go, go” without enough “NO and SLOW.”

Today’s world values productivity above all else. Students are being pushed to do more extracurricular activities and learn more subjects. Employees are being pushed to do more and more work in less time. Employers are being pushed to grow and expand their businesses faster than the speed of light. Parents are being pushed to raise productive kids and enroll them in as many sports, education and arts programs as possible.

No wonder we’re all exhausted and unaware of where the time goes! Time may be flying by, and your life may be full and productive, but there is a way to add more pause, more joy and more relaxation to your life.

Being mindful means consciously choosing love and joy, in every moment, instead of running on autopilot or living with our heads in the future. Mindfulness is a way of life, not something to just label and stick in front of “eating” or “breathing.” Yes, mindful eating and mindful breathing are amazing components of a mindful life, but there is so much more to living a mindful LIFE!

Dive in and apply these small and sustainable changes to your life. Let’s go!

  1. Ask questions. How often do you eat lunch just because it’s “lunch time,” without asking yourself if you’re hungry? How often do you go to the gym without asking yourself what kind of movement will feel good today? Most of us follow our routines with little variation. When we assume instead of question, we’re not living in the moment. In contrast, when we continuously ask questions of ourselves and those around us and question our rote thoughts, we can begin to be more mindful of what we actually want and how we actually feel.
  2. Set boundaries. Living mindfully means acting in a way that aligns with what feels good to you. If staring at your screens late at night doesn’t feel good to you as you’re trying to fall asleep, set a limit on your screen time for the day. If saying yes to every social plan doesn’t feel joyful for you, confidently say no and stick with it. You must be your own advocate in life in order to live mindfully and joyfully. When we say YES to only those things that light us up and we say NO to everything else, we make room for relaxation and mindfulness in our lives.
  3. Share your intentions. Community is everything, so sharing your intentions to live a more mindful life with friends and family can majorly propel your growth! Suggest a cooking night with a loved one and try one of our Mindful recipes. Check out a new yoga or breath work class with a classmate. Go for a mindful walk with a coworker on your break. When you share your intentions with others, you’ll not only inspire them to be more mindful, but also you’ll build a community and accountability around your goals.

There is more than one way to “be mindful.” Ultimately, you must ask yourself how you can be more aware, intentional and joyful in your unique life. It doesn’t take a radical transformation—start with these three small and sustainable changes and see how your days shift from stressful and overwhelming to calming and peaceful.

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Introduction to Sloane Elizabeth

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