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Meet Kurt F.

Forget what you know about veggie tacos. Kurt’s mixing things up and making cauliflower your new favorite filling.

Getting dinner on the table for a family of six is a challenge. Getting a meatless dinner together that everyone will happily eat? That’s a superpower move.

And it’s one Kurt, who is a senior program manager for the Vanguard Group near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is close to mastering thanks to the versatile cauliflower—and some adventurous eaters.

“At home, my family and I are trying to eat less meat, both for health reasons and to help the environment,” says Kurt, an avid cyclist who shares his home with his three kids, ages 10, 12 and 16, his girlfriend, and her 6-year-old. “It’s not easy to find something we all agree tastes good, but anything with cauliflower is usually a hit.”

No surprise, when Kurt set out to create his Make It Mindful Taco, he immediately clicked on cauliflower, which is high in fiber and full of disease-fighting antioxidants.

“I’ve roasted it, riced it and used it in Spanish and Asian dishes, cubed it and rolled it in a burrito—cauliflower has such a great texture that I knew it would hold up well in a taco,” he says.

What cauliflower doesn’t have going for it, though, is a lot of flavor. For that he directed Make It Mindful chefs to roast the low-calorie veggie until it’s slightly crispy, to give it a buttery taste. Jalapeños and hot sauce add a spicy kick, while a crunchy cabbage slaw made with carrots and avocado temper the heat.

“It’s a taco the kids would eat up at our family’s Taco Tuesday night,” he says. “And I’d look forward to one after a long bike ride or race.”

A bike ride, good company, and tacos. What’s better than that?

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