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Tahini Ginger Crunch Wrap

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Tahini Ginger Crunch Wrap

Conra Hunter

2020-06-03 20:10:38

These recipes are nice but we need MEASUREMENTS!!! Tahini isn't a "normal" Idahoan ingredient...please add tsp / Tbsp etc...

Tahini Ginger Crunch Wrap


2020-06-11 15:43:21

Hi Conra, Thanks for reaching out! The meal information for the Tahini Ginger Crunch is all that is available on the site right now. In the past, we have shared the ingredient list and nutrition facts of meals that are available in our cafes. We are working to convert these meals into recipes that can be made at home but we have not gotten to all of them yet. Please check back in a few months for the full recipe. Best, The Mindful by Sodexo Team

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