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Grant’s Small Steps—Step #4

Losing weight, finding balance.

After hitting his highest weight of 540 lbs. in June 2013, Grant Grimes, 22, of Atlanta, knew he didn’t need to go on a diet, he needed to change his lifestyle. His blog series, Grant’s Small Steps, shares his weight-loss journey – and he hopes – inspires others to live more Mindful.


So I’m starting off this blog with a trick many people do when they’re not quite sure what to say: by defining a word.

Balance (as a verb) means to “offset or compare the value of one thing with another.” People talk a lot about finding balance these days as everyone struggles to do more in, what seems like, less and less time.

I’ve always looked at my life as having four areas to balance: education, work, social life and my health. Inevitably, one of them always fell by the wayside—and usually, it was my health. This time I feel like I’ve finally figured out how to balance them all. Or if I have to sacrifice one area for a short period of time, it will be anything but my health, because that’s what I value most now.

As I’m nearing graduation, education is obviously very important to me. I’m on track to graduate with highest honors. Work is going well. I’m logging in around 20 to 25 hours a week. The great thing with work is that they are very supportive of me. They always allow me the time to do what I need to do—whether that’s studying or working out—they know I’m a student first.

Then there’s my social life. I live with three guys in an apartment on campus. As a group, we’re all trying to cook more. We take shifts and try to have at least one to two days a week of home-cooked, nutritious meals.

We all love to go out and play team trivia. When we do, I try to help the guys make better choices based on what I’ve learned from the Mindful program. It’s just about making smarter choices when you go out—like getting a side salad instead of fries or eating my burger without the bun or wrapped in lettuce.

That final area of my life that I’m trying to balance—my health—is going really well as you’ve been reading. I have the goal of completing my first 5K before the end of summer and I have been training each week to ensure that I can complete the 5K without stopping. I do not intend to run the whole thing, but I complete a 5K course on the elliptical at least once a week so I know that I am ready. I’m now down 117 lbs. since I started this journey. And I feel better than ever.

Next week, I’m going to highlight some of the simple steps and tricks I’ve learned along the way that are helping me succeed. Maybe they’ll help you too!

Grant Grimes is a senior at Georgia Institute of Technology and works for Sodexo as the student promotions coordinator for Georgia Tech Dining Services.
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