Is grilling a healthy cooking method?

Answer courtesy of Beth Winthrop, RD, National Development Director for Wellness, Campus Services

Like any cooking method where fat drips away from food rather than being eaten, grilling can produce a lower fat and healthier meal. When grilling, avoid blackening or charring meats by trimming visible fat, and keeping a close eye on the grill. Charred meats may increase cancer risk. Food safety is an important part of all cooking methods. When grilling, judge whether meat is done by using a food thermometer. Heat chicken to 73.9°C. Always remove cooked meats from the grill on a clean plate, and never return cooked food to a marinade that’s held raw meat. Grilling isn’t just for burgers and dogs. Many vegetables such as Summer squashes are fantastic on the grill, as are fruits such as pineapple. Also try grilling tofu, fish or shrimp on skewers or racks. Remember to keep those side salads on ice for safety and better flavor.
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