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Can a change to a more alkaline diet prevent heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes?

Answer courtesy of Susan Hurd, RDN, LDN, Regional Nutrition Manager, Sodexo Education, Wellness Champion, Sherman Region

It’s suggested that a diet low in red meat and rich in nutrients from the addition of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, heart-healthy oils, low-fat dairy foods and whole grains may help to reduce inflammatory processes associated with disease. This type of diet is recommended for most people and is supported by many health agencies such as the American Heart Association, The National Cancer Institute and the American Diabetes Association. Many of the foods considered healthy fall into the alkaline listing. Limiting food groups such as low-fat dairy, eggs, or whole grains because they are not alkaline enough is shortsighted. These foods contribute to a healthy diet by providing nutrients such as calcium, iron, protein and fiber. The goal toward healthy eating is a balance of a variety of foods to ensure nutrients aren’t missing.


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