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    Ellie’s Holiday Survival Guide

    Making healthy choices this time of year can be a challenge, but these simple tips will help you enjoy the season without derailing your wellness goals.

    ’Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry, but with all the holiday festivities it can be really hard to stick with your healthy habits. I know it’s tempting to indulge now and just deal with the consequences after New Year’s Day, but with a few tricks you can stay healthy this season—and still enjoy all the fun. Here are my strategies for savoring the holidays wisely.

    Be Picky at Parties
    When you arrive at a party, do a quick scan of what’s offered before filling your plate. The idea here is to load up on the healthiest options—like veggies and hummus, or shrimp cocktail—first. Then leave some room for small tastes of more decadent choices, or what your fellow guests have deemed “must haves.”

    Get Moving Instead of watching the game on TV, why not be in one instead? Rally your group and play a game of flag football in the yard while the turkey roasts, or turn up some holiday tunes and dance off the calories after dessert.

    Celebrate Smart Eggnog may be the official cocktail of the holidays, but it’s also packed with calories and is loaded with saturated fat. Instead, try toasting with a full flute of champagne. It has half the calories and zero fat. Cheers!

    Avoid Cookie Overload
    Cookies are a holiday tradition many of us look forward to all year long. And you don’t have to give up your favorite sweets entirely. The trick is to indulge in moderation. But what does that mean? I think two cookies a day sounds reasonable. You’ll want to use your cookie allotment wisely, so try passing on the stale ones sitting in the office break room and save up for your aunt’s famous thumbprints instead.

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