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Creative Ways to Get Away From Your Desk

Finding creative ways to get up from your desk can be beneficial for multiple reasons.

One of the most common trends during the height of the pandemic seemed to be walking. Along with baking banana bread and scheduling Zoom birthday parties, it seemed that a lot of us laced up our sneakers more often and breathed in the fresh air of our neighborhoods. Now that schools and businesses are planning their in-person comebacks, we find ourselves tied to our desks yet again.

Finding creative ways to get up from your desk can be beneficial for multiple reasons. Getting adequate movement throughout the day is important for a healthy, fit body. Sitting for too long can negatively impact our posture and our muscle tightness. Motivation and productivity increase when intentional breaks are taken. Taking breaks from your desk can also support your mental health, emotional health, work-life-balance, and overall well-being in other ways.

These tips can help you take a step back from your desk and come back feeling refreshed and focused.

  1. Schedule short walks. Our world operates as a vacuum – if you have free time, something will occupy it! Likewise, if you schedule something every morning and afternoon for 15 minutes, you will find ways to accommodate it. Make it a habit to take short walks a couple of times each day. Once it becomes a habit, you’ll look forward to getting a stretch in and clearing your mind. Your productivity might also improve when you break your day into smaller chunks. Bonus points if you can take these walks without your technology, phones, or other distractions.
  2. Keep a water bottle on your desk. Hydrating properly is essential for human beings to thrive. It will also require you to get up to use the restroom more frequently, which is also an opportunity to get up, stretch, and move away from your desk. Standing frequently can improve your posture, release muscle tension, and help you reset your focus and attention.
  3. Take calls while standing or walking. We can easily get caught up in our work and forget about our intention to stand and take breaks. Try making it a rule that you always take phone calls while standing or walking. Make sure you have a pair of headphones so that you can properly stretch your arms and torso while taking this break.
  4. Use a standing desk. Standing desks encourage you to stand while you work, which supports your posture and overall fitness. Plus, if you’re already standing, it’s much easier to walk away from your desk for a break. It may seem inconsequential, but the act of already standing will help you to take the next few steps (no pun intended) toward moving away from your desk.
  5. Schedule self-care every day and prioritize those activities. Although doing these activities in the morning or evening may be easier, it’s equally important to make time for them during your work or school day. Try breaking up studying with some yoga or drop some meditation into your mindfulness practice at three pm or take five minutes out of your lunch break to read a book. These small acts of self-care add up, and they matter.

We hope these tips inspire you to be intentional at your desk with plenty of breaks and time for self-care. Share this article with your classmates and colleagues and let us know which of these tips you’re going to put into action today. Feel free to connect with us further in the comments below or on social media.

Article written by Sloane Elizabeth.

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Creative Ways to Get Away From Your Desk

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