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Grab a Friend and Squeeze Some Fitness into Your Day.

Instead of looking at your time crunch as an obstacle, consider it
an opportunity. Mindful fitness ambassador Faisal Abdalla designed this Coffee Break Challenge to help you—and your pals—make the most of those pockets of downtime in your day.

“I love the idea of challenging your colleague or roommate to a wall sit,” says Faisal. “Whoever gives up first is in charge of getting the coffee!”

Challenge Yourself!

Part 1: Nail The Basics

Stand with back against a wall. Slide into a squat position by walking feet forward until knees form a 90-degree angle and hamstrings are parallel to the floor. Place hands together in front of chest. Hold for as long as you can.

Faisal’s Tip

“Expect some discomfort and power through the burn. Believe in yourself!”

Part 2: Take It To The Next Level

For the next few days, try to tack on five to 10 extra seconds until you can break the three-minute mark.

+ 10


Faisal’s Tip

“Wall sits can actually reverse some of the negative effects of sitting so much. The movement fires up all the major lower-body muscles, including your core.”

Part 3: Push Even Further

Once you both hit three minutes, up the ante by challenging each other to hold the pose while raising your heels or lifting one foot off the floor.

Faisal’s Tip

“The more you do wall sits and the longer you can hold your position the stronger your muscles will become.”

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