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A New Kind of Spring Break

Relax and rejuvenate as the weather warms.

The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming, the birds are chirping—spring is upon us! Perhaps Spring Break once looked like traveling with friends or visiting your hometown, but this year will likely look quite different yet again. Although most students won’t be experiencing a traditional Spring Break this semester, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, go on a few adventures and take a break from your studies while keeping yourself and your community safe!

Spring Break serves many purposes: it’s a time to relax and rejuvenate mid-semester; it’s an opportunity to explore and travel; and it’s a time to have fun outside as the weather warms! All of those purposes play a beneficial role in the mental well-being of college students.

At Mindful, we want to provide you with safe suggestions for bringing in the energy of Spring Break while honoring your school schedule and prioritizing your health and well-being. It’s time to get creative and make the most of what you have to work with!

  1. Be intentional about your mental health. Spring Break is typically a point in the semester when most students look forward to a nice, well-deserved hiatus from studying. This respite is essential for honoring your mental health, catching up on sleep, and giving yourself a break so that you can continue to be the productive student that you are! If you don’t have a conventional Spring Break this semester, carve out your own intentional de-stressing time. This could look like a technology-free hour every Sunday where you do all of the self-care activities that you love. Perhaps social connection is important to your mental health, so scheduling a couple of video chat calls with friends every week should be a top priority. If you’re someone who needs more sleep, adjust your morning and nighttime routines to honor your body’s rest requirements. Ever take a nap you didn’t love? Schedule in more of them! When it comes to mental health and preventing burnout, you have the power and the responsibility to set yourself up for success. Finding small ways to consistently take care of yourself will benefit you far greater in the long run than sprinting to a weeklong Spring Break. Maybe you’ll even take this suggestion into your 2022 school year too!
  2. Get creative with your adventures. Traveling is something we’ve missed in the past year! It’s fun, new, adventurous and exciting—all things that you can replicate and find without having to hop on a plane. Is there a fun spot in your city that you haven’t yet explored? Can you find an adventurous road trip, hike or day trip to experience? What types of activities make you excited? Do more of those! The world has so many hidden gems, even right in your own backyard, and there’s never a shortage of places to explore. While staying safe this spring, get creative and bring a sense of adventure, fun and excitement to your weekends. Traveling will be back soon, so take advantage of this opportunity to explore a spot close to home that you might typically overlook. You never know what you may find.
  3. Prioritize outdoor activities. Get out your cutest mask and find more ways to spend time outside. As the season warms up, take advantage of sunshine and nature; both have been shown to boost mood and overall well-being! Spending time outside is a great way to disconnect from Zoom, rest your eyes and get physical activity into your day. Whether you go for a walk or just appreciate the sunlight, your body, mind and productivity levels will thank you. Even if this Spring Break isn’t spent on a tropical beach, you can still soak in the beauty of nature in your own town and make an effort to move away from the stress of computers and social media.

While we’ve seen college campuses change and adapt in the past year, it’s still important to prioritize a healthy lifestyle and find ways to enjoy your Spring Break. These three suggestions can set you up for a safe, relaxing and fun spring as you get back to class. Let us know which of these suggestions you’re going to put into action, and feel free to connect with us in the comments below or on social media.

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A New Kind of Spring Break

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